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"I got a letter from Enerfin Renewables... what's next?"

  • 1. What would it look like to partner with Enerfin Renewables?
    Enerfin Renewables is a long-term owner and operator, which means you would be working with us from the very beginning of developing a project all the way through decommissioning the project. This ensures stability in the fact that you would not have to worry about the hassle of potentially working with multiple companies.
  • 2. I am interested in learning more... what are my next steps?
    Please take a moment to give us a call at 434.394.0035, to speak with a developer. Be sure to leave your name, the location of the land (county/state) as described in the letter you received, and your phone number and when the best time would be to give you a call back! You may alternatively reach out to us via email (found in the letter you received) if that is a better option for you.
  • 3. What does the development process look like?
    The development process for utility-scale solar versus wind projects varies, but for the most part, follows a similar pattern. The first step is work with communities to lease the appropriate amount of land to host a project. We then work with the local utility and transmission owners to study the electric grid in the area. This leads us to the siting and permitting process which includes but is not limited to conducting the appropriate environmental studies and zoning permits, both at the state and local levels. After review and approval of the project, we then begin construction and operations.
  • 4. How does renewable energy impact my land?
    Renewable energy is compatible with most alternative land uses. We do our best to ensure that whatever practices you currently use your land for (farming, pasturing, cattle ranching, and even hunting) may continue. After the lifetime of the project, we then move into the decommissioning phase which is thoughtfully designed to return your land to its original state, prioritizing reducing environmental impacts. See ‘Property Values and Utility-Scale Solar Facilities’ below for more information.
  • 5. How would this impact my community?
    Renewable energy projects are highly beneficial to the local community in which it is developed through various avenues. Renewable energy projects can help to provide both temporary construction jobs during the 12-18 month period and long-term jobs over the life of the project. Additionally, these projects provide a stable tax base for communities with guaranteed tax revenues for 20+ years staying in the area and supporting, schools, roads, emergency responders, and more.
  • 6. Why should I host a renewable energy project on my property?
    The desire to host a renewable energy project on your property can be both individual and global. There are many economic benefits for the individual and community when operating a renewable energy project. A guaranteed form of virtually passive income can help stabilize an often unpredictable agriculture market and provide a secondary source of income that is complimentary to farming. Not to mention, the opportunity to be a part of the global mission to decarbonize our environment and work towards the common goal of a sustainable future for generations to come. See also ‘Clean Power and Climate’ below.

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